Works in Progress

The works pictured here are part of an ongoing series of experimental sculptures. Additional images will be added over time.

My current work examines the ways in which sites are marked, unmarked, and distinguished from surrounding areas. With a somewhat equal emphasis on both the planned meticulousness and the precarious jury-rigging of the construction process, the sculptures observe and absorb the tendencies of built architectural and utilitarian structures with the ultimate goal of creating an encompassing, uncertain, contemplative space.

Building materials exist as relics of place and site. They become infused with meaning from the way we handle them, how we configure them, and the ways in which we interact with the structures after they have been assembled. Those materials witness, in a sense, the complete action timeline of a site. They hold the life of the site. I am interested in the shift that occurs when those materials are translated and rematerialized in a new context under new pretenses. In this translation, I aim to investigate what it means to mark a site with a structure and how the physicality of structure functions beyond what it marks.

The labor that goes into the building of such constructions additionally colors the materials. With the execution of this building process in the United States being generally dominated by male builders, the resulting environments and objects become afflicted by the same gender dynamics and stereotypes that are present in society. Seemingly neutral spaces become intrinsically afflicted relics of a male-dominated culture. Examining aspects of embodied space, private place, and social construction, many of these works respond to this implicit spatial gendering and consider its relationship to larger social structures and systems. 

The instructional guide below was included in the catalog for the Yeah Maybe exhibition, A Mussel is to A House.

S E L E C T E D   M A T E R I A L S
oriented strand board, concrete, red rosin paper, fiberglass insulation, hardware cloth, lath, cast aluminum, cast iron with fiberglass insulation, 2x4s, C-clamps, cinder blocks, plastic tarping, line chalk, steel rods, latex paint, plaster, drywall, cast silica sand