A Mussel is to A House is an exhibition and catalog release of BFA and MFA student work produced through a semester long workshop course as a collaboration between the Walker Art Center, the University of Minnesota, and Yeah Maybe project space. The course took the Walker exhibition Question the Wall Itself, particularly the practice of Marcel Broodthaers, as a point of a departure to investigate methods of critique immanent to the work. The works on view, as well as their translations and interpretations into book form, are the results of these investigations.

Artists: Havilah Aos, Paige Carlson, Torey Erin, Lexi Herman, Daniel McCarthy Clifford, Emily Swanberg, and Xavier Tavera.

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Constructed Realities explores interior and exterior spaces through the use of recognizable materials and imagery. In his collages and assemblages, Donny Gettinger situates houseplants within interior spaces, questioning our relationship with the natural and man-made environments we occupy. Reinterpreting national landmarks through wood and drywall, Emily Swanberg deconstructs their monumentality to re-examine their symbolic importance as well as our cultural ideals and values. In Constructed Realities, viewers are asked to consider their surroundings.

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Fragmented Spaces brings together the work of sculptor Emily Swanberg and painter Sara Suppan. A space is a physical location—a house, an office building, maybe a room inside—without the influence of people transforming the space into the place we know it to be. Sculptor Emily Swanberg pieces together various architectural elements in new and creative ways to create pieces giving familiar structures new meaning; painter Sara Suppan explores a similar fragmentation of space in portraying views of spaces within a home absent of human influence. Come see this innovative show reimagining the most basic elements of our daily lives.

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Anonymous Monuments pairs recent work by artists Jehra Patrick and Emily Swanberg. Jehra Patrick’s work explores art-institutional and art-historical tableaux through art objects and public programs. Emily Swanberg is influenced by the environments, histories and materials inherent to architecture and design. Together, their work aligns around the mediation of architecture, history, and institutions as monuments.

Untitled 12 marks the eleventh year of SooVAC’s juried exhibition series. Untitled provides opportunities for artists working in any medium and at any stage of their career, resulting in a survey of varied perspectives and provocative work. Each year SooVAC invites guest jurors to select the work, this year it was Enrico Gomez and Theo Sims. Every juror provides a unique aesthetic and curatorial viewpoint, giving the public an opportunity to view fresh artistic voices with every new installment of Untitled.

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Raspberry Monday is an annual juried student exhibition that has been a Bethel Art and Design Department tradition since 1973. The 2016 exhibition was juried by Jehra Patrick, Director and Curator at  Waiting Room Gallery. The exhibition will be on view May 2 to 21 in the Johnson Gallery at Bethel University.

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